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The South Bay Camera Club - Torrance California


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Photographic Tips
 Color Temperature and Light Source
 Digital Printing
 Save a Few Bucks on Printer Paper?
 You CAN save on printer paper.
 Image Presentation
 Earth from Space Presentation References
 Jim Zuckerman's Photo Tips
 Photo Tip 1 - Vigilance pays off
 Photo Tip 2: Protecting electronics in extreme cold
 Photo Tip 3: Breaking the ice with foreign models
 Photo Tip 4: Always use a tripod
 Photo Tip 5: Metering on Snow
 Photo Tip 6: Aiprot X-Rays vs. Medium Format Shooters
 Photo Tip 7: Transform any photo into a sepia dream
 Photo Tip 8: How to take intimate portraits of children
 Photo Tip 9: Shooting flowers with no wind
 Photo Tip10: Turning a photo into a mosaic
 Legal Issues
 Photo Gear
 Portait Sessions
 Clothing Tips
 Travel Information
 Working With Children
Photographic Articles
 B&W Photography
 Selecting Contrast
 Using Tmax Successfully
 Photo Composition Rule of Thirds
 Holga 120S: Toy Camera...
 Color Photography
 Darkroom Techniques
 Digital Image Capture
 Digital Noise
 Digital Image Editing
 Colour and Monochrome
 Giving Your Photos That Extra Pop
 Image Blending
 Invert Layer Contrast Control
 Panorama Stitching
 Photo Softening Technique Using NEAT Image Pro
 Photographers Diary
 Confessions of a Recovering Magic Bullet Chaser
Photographic References
 Film Development
 Techpan Film
 Films & Papers
 History of Kodak Roll Film Numbers
 On-Line Calculators
 On-Line Depth Of Field Calculator
 SBCC Competition
 Spotting Slides For Club Competition
 Screen & Printer Calibration

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