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President's Latest Message

Welcome Back For Another Fun Filled Year

8/13/2012 8:59:32 AM

Welcome back to the South Bay Camera Club for another fun filled year.  Dues are still $45 per year and it is still the best deal in the South Bay.

We had some very informative critiques this past year as well as an exciting scavenger hunt night.  Both the winter banquet in December and the awards banquet in June were extremely successful.

Club members went on seven one day photo trips which included the Watts Towers and Bolsa Chica Preserve.  There were also two overnight trips to the Coso petroglyphs and Death Valley.  Many beautiful photos from these trips were shared at meetings.

During this past year a number of changes were made to the club website which has made it much more user friendly.  I encourage everyone to check out the website, see what it has to offer and upload your photos.  If you upload just two a week, you’ll have 104 by the end of the year which can be seen by visitors to the website from all over the world.  What can be better? The website address is

I want to thank everyone without whom all of this would not have been possible:  Bill Berry for the incredibly informative, and regular, newsletters; Betsy Treynor for organizing the club’s overnight trips; Bob King for keeping the media and the South Bay informed of our activities; Chuck Greenwood for keeping track of the club’s finances; David Carriere for organizing the print critique nights; Doris Beaman for overseeing membership and helping arrange day trips; Lynne Alexander for serving as vice-president and making sure we have tasty snacks at our meetings; Marge Robinson for arranging the wonderful programs throughout the year; Mike Calabrese for keeping precise records of our board meetings; Phil Cohen for organizing digital image critiques and overseeing the SBCC website; Phyllis Appel for putting together our banquets; and Robin Young for selecting challenging scavenger hunt subjects and arranging everything to make the final scavenger hunt night a huge success.  You all did an incredible job.               

The club needs more people to get involved.  Elected officers cannot serve for more than two one-year terms.  Three officers will be termed out in June.  There are also a number of committee chairs doing a wide variety of jobs.  Let me know if you are interested in getting involved and we’ll find a job for you to do.

I’m looking forward to another great year of critiques, special programs and photo trips.  If you have any questions or suggestions, write to me at or call me at (805) 340-3197.

One final note.  We all experienced a great loss this past year when John Bohner, a longtime member and leader of the club, passed away unexpectedly.  We miss you John, your photos and your humor. 


Harry Korn, President, South Bay Camera Club



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