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President's Latest Message

Looking Forward to a Great Year

6/10/2013 3:43:49 PM


Dear Members,

I just wanted to let you know that I feel we’ve had a good year.  Our membership is up:  we have close to 70 members now.  Many of us went on a number of overnight and day trips which included several days in San Diego and day trips to the Hsi Lai Temple and Point Fermin.  Agust Augustan and Mike Mathews did informative and eloquent workshops on layers and Lightroom 4.  A great thanks to both of you.  We had a festive banquet in December and had our awards and installation banquet on June 10. 

Twenty-two members of the club participated in a month long exhibit at El Camino College.  A thank you to Bob King for doing an exceptional job in organizing the show.  Bob told me that our show was so successful that El Camino teachers brought their classes to the library to see it.  Having been a community college teacher myself, I know that this is great praise for the show. Bob signed up the club on the El Camino show schedule again for next year.  Our show will be in March 2014.

Some of our members also had their photographs admitted to photo shows. Congratulations to all.

All of this was in addition to the digital and print evaluations and great presentations at our regular meetings.   And our monthly coffee klatch at the Catalina Coffee Company is still going strong. 

I’m looking forward to another great year.  Our first meeting on August 12 will be a print evaluation night.  Trips and other programs will be announced as the year goes on.

There have been some changes in committee chairs for the 2013-14 year:  Doris Beaman is membership chair; Donna Shumaker and Doris Beaman have taken over Lynn Alexander’s duties as the hospitality chairs; Bob King and Don Sandersfeld have taken over Marge Robinson’s responsibilities as programs chairs.  I want to thank both Lynn and Marge for the years of service they gave to the club and the excellent jobs they did.

I also want to thank all the other elected board members, committee chairs and club members who contributed their time and effort this past year.  I won’t mention names since I am concerned I will leave someone out.  But you know who you are.

As you can see, there is much work to be done in a club our size to get the trips, meetings and other events organized.  They don’t just happen by magic.  There is always a need for members to get involved and do some of that work for a year or two.  So I encourage everyone to think about how you can contribute and get involved.  As more members participate more gets done, things run smoother and we have more fun with photography.  Isn’t that what the South Bay Camera Club is all about: fun with photography?  That’s certainly why I joined the club.

Harry Korn



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