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President's Latest Message

Hello and Goodbye

6/25/2018 4:15:53 PM


·         Happy Trails!


Wowie!   Where has the time gone!  Seems I was just in my first year of serving as the SBCC's club president for the 2016-17 and now we are wrapping up another year, 2017-18!. 


I’d like to take a moment to review this year’s and thank a handful of folks who made my job as this year’s President enjoyable and a memorable one.


We have had a lot of great programs coordinated by our program chairman, Peggy Nugent– great job!  We have seen wonderful images by members – thanks to David Carriere, Sergio Fernandez, Allen Muro, Chuck Greenwoodand Mike Calabrese for coordinating the logistics involved for each critique meetings. Many thanks to Donna Shumaker and those that volunteered to bring refreshments to our meetings – they were very much appreciated by all members. To Fern Bournival and others who came early to and or stayed late to help with room setup for our club meetings.  Special thanks to Peter Beer for coordinating our monthly newsletters for over the past 4 years – we will miss you!   Harry Korn for getting news releases out to the community about upcoming presentations; Beverly Gatesand Stephen Sniderhave worked their magic in organizing our banquets and raffle prizes – with the help of Lisa Bragg, Don and Emily Sandersfeld, and Phyllis Appel, David Carriere with the slideshow for December and this June’s end of the year Award Banquet. Bob Schlatter for handling the end of the year Awards – getting folks to vote on the images; Harry Kornand Mark Lidikay coordinated various outings for club members to enjoy including new location for the Coffee Katch hour; Robin Young continues to challenged members to the fullest with thje annual Photo Scavenger Hunt, SBCC website committee – this is a work in progress and I like to say thank you to Mark Lidikay and Thomas Lidika yfor providing their web master experience as well as the input from our committee members: Robin Young, Chuck Greenwood, Mike Calabriese, andLouis Toledofor their continued interests in updating our club’s website. Thanks to Dick Merrick and David Berman who shared about other events for club members to park take in throughout this year.  I have enjoyed the pleasure of curating three of the club’s shows at ECC library since the start of my presidency starting August 2016 with “Celebrating our Parks”, to May 2017 – “Celebrating the South Bay” and our recent show May 2018 – “A Step Outside the Everyday” – which was a theme concept suggestion from Peggy Nugent that has been well received by all.   Thanks also to the club’s Executive Board –Harry Korn– Vice President, Chuck Greenwood– Treasurer and Mike Calabrese– Secretary – these folks also took on other responsibilities to keep our club going strong.  And fellow club member, my husband, Scott Burner, who helped me get our house ready for the monthly board meetings, keeping our doggies in line and being supportive of me.  


I have been honored and enjoyed the opportunity to work with a great group of passionate photographers that has stepped up when needed throughout the past two years.  I couldn’t have asked for a better group of folks to enjoy serving with. 


Thank you again for the opportunity to serve as your club president for the past two years – I have appreciated the support and friendships I have made along the way and wish the next groups of leaders much success as the new year starts in August 2018. I will still be around - drop me a line -




Linda Detwiler Burner

South Bay Camera Club President





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