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President's Latest Message

An outstanding program by Mark Comon,

2/25/2005 9:40:22 PM
Our regular meeting this coming Monday (Feb. 28) features an outstanding program given by Mark Comon, son of Paul Comon who is the founder of Paul's Photo.  Mark grew up in the South Bay and spent a lot of time as a boy in the Sierras, Death Valley, and other natural areas of California and the Southwest.  We knows the territory.

Mark has been taking pictures since grade school and retains an enormous enthusiasm for photography.  He imparts that enthusiasm to students in his excellent series of courses and lectures in photography given through Paul's Photo and also during photo adventures which he conducts several times a year.

Mark is going to give us a program on creativity in photography.  This is the kind of creativity that takes place before the shutter is clicked --- how to imagine the possibilities of where to stand, how to compose, setting the camera to record the right mood, and much more. Mark will show some of the beautiful photographs from his courses using a digital projector.

Bring your friends, bring your neighbors.  See you at the meeting.




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