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Mamiya RZ67 Pro II System fully loaded mint condition all accessories

A mint condition Mamiya RZ67 Pro II with all of the accessories and most lenses including what is listed below:

RZ67 Pro II Body with standard view finder
AE metering prism finder
2 Polaroid backs with masks
2 120 backs
1 220 back
2 6.45 backs
All focussing screens
multiple electronic cable release long and short
dual mechanical cable release
Bellows lens shade and shade extender
Power Winder II
AC Power supply for Power Winder II

All lenses are RZ Pro II type:
37mm Full Frame Fisheye Mamiya
50mm UD Mamiya
75mm Shift Lens Mamiya
110mm F2.8 Mamiya
140mm Macro Mamiya
180mm Mamiya Soft Focus
250mm APO Mamiya
1.4 Extender Mamiya
Set of 3 Mamiya RZ extension rings
focusing magnifier
remote battery pack
misc other parts and accessories basically everything that was available for the camera.
all in a large Pelican Products waterproof case.

All lenses have front and rear lens caps, rubber lens shades and either B+W or Mamiya Filters for lens protections. 180mm soft lens and 37mm fisheye lens come with internal filter kits.

Camera has had less then 50 rolls through it, everything is minty fresh, most manuals included and even some original boxes. I am the original owner. Everything you need to set up a high class studio. Get the adapters and a digital back and you are all set to go full digital. Have used it with an H20 16mp digital back (not included) and it worked great.

Cost well over $20,000 to purchase when new. $7750.00 or best offer. Need the funds cash only thanks. Call Phil at 310-212-7200 or leave a message.

CAP 40 PROCESSOR - Cibachrome automatic processor, feed it in one end, comes out the other end in 6 minutes ready to wash and dry. Will process up to 16x20 inch cibachrome prints. Uses P30P chemistry about 40 8x10s per kit. Good condition. Call Phil @ 310-212-7200 ext. 311

EQUIPMENT RACK - 2 bay heavy duty 19 inch equipment rack on wheels.5' high, IBM Blue color with aluminum trim, RS-399 RETMA rails installed front and rear as well as internal Unistrut with shelving. This is a heavy mother and will hold whatever electronic equiment you can fit into it Built by Electronic Enclosures to military specifications. Makes for a great mobile test rack. $100.00 OBO pick up in Torrance, Call Phil @ 310-212-7200.

HENRY 3K LINEAR AMPLIFIER - Floor mount model 3000 watts P.E.P. SSB, 1000 watts CW. 2-32 MHz continuous coverage 100 watt or higher input required for full output..This is a 220 VAC model good clean condition, plate and grid meters on front panel along with controls. If you want to be heard, this is the amplifier for you. This amplifier is legal for use in the amateur radio and commercial maritime frequencies, it is not legal for use in CB service even though it can operate in the CB frequency band. $1500.00 OBO pick up in Torrance, Call Phil @ 310-212-7200.


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