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Stupid Human © 2004 - 2019John Bohner



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Picture Information:
Picture Title: Stupid Human
Location: Home
Photographer: John Bohner
Submission Date: 9/18/2004 12:23:36 AM
Comments: Pouncer ahem...Pounce de Leon is an Abysinian that lets me live in his house.
Gallery Category: Pets
Technical Information:    
Shooting Location: Home
Camera: Leica Digi Lux II
Lens: 28-90 zoom
F Stop: f4 ish
Film Format: Digital
Film Type: digital
ISO: 100
Shutter Speed: enough
Capture Method: Digital Camera
Digital Resolution & Mode: 5 megapixel
Photographer Information:
Name: John Bohner
Location: Manhattan Beach, CA
About: If you are looking for Congressman John Boehner then you have the wrong one of us. While we may be confused in spelling, congressman John and I agree on most major issues and I wouldn't mind having coffee with him some time. THIS John is retired and has been 'doing' photography for many years and still finds himself occasionally wondering why. John lives in Manhattan Beach with his wife of many happy decades. He enjoys using photo editing software such as Bryce or Photoshop to both sculpt his images as well as create visions from his imagination. Please enjoy his work.
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