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South Bay Camera Club - Redondo Beach California Photography By: Tony Maffei Photography By: John Bohner Photography By: Warren Walter
South Bay Camera Club Film & Digital Photography
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The South Bay Camera Club - Torrance California


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About the South Bay Camera Club

The South Bay Camera Club was organized over 60 years ago by novice printmakers for the purpose of sharing the mutual benefits of their new hobby. The club is now a member of the Southern California Council of Camera Clubs (S4C) and the Photographic Society of America (PSA). The purpose is still the same, sharing the fascinating hobby of modern photography.

Photographic knowledge is shared through competitions, workshops and friendships. Digital cameras are used by a majority of the members; however, there is still interest in film based photography and darkroom activities. Club critique sessions are equally divided between projected digital images and prints in both color and black and white. Below are some of the various categories:

Color Photography
Pictorial are entered for their artistic value and originality. Any subject may be entered and will be critiqued by an outside judge.
Nature Photography
Nature images have the same evaluation as above, except that they shall be limited to natural history and wildlife without the hand of man. PSA rules are observed for all entrants.
Photo Journalism images are made for informative or emotional impact. The emphasis is in story telling more than pictorial quality. They may not be altered to misrepresent the truth. Some prints and digital images may come under this category.
Photo Travel Photography
Photo Travel images are to depict an uncommon time, place, or culture of interest to the audience. Again, photo quality is the prime goal, with skill levels sharing the awards.
Photography - Color Prints

Color Prints may be made commercially, in the darkroom, or by computer. Only the maker may submit prints or digital images. Subject matter is unrestricted, but the original photo must be obvious. Digital manipulation is expected.


Photography - Monochrome Prints
Monochrome Prints are judged separately under the same criteria as color prints, with equal awards. Hand or computer coloration or toning is limited to 1 color.
Digital Photography Images

Digital Images are submitted through this Web site. They are projected onto a big screen and critiqued similarly to the above categories. All images are welcomed and will be projected at the club meeting for critique.


Only Members may enter the evaluations. Guests are welcome to all meetings, so please come view our outstanding photographs.

Membership is only $45 per year. Membership includes two meetings per month, (except Dec. and June), digital and print workshops many months, field trips, and two annual banquets (banquet costs not included). Join us soon!

To view the membership application form click HERE. You may print out this form, fill it out and bring it to the monthly meeting with your dues to join the South Bay Camera Club.

Harry Korn , President, SBCC

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